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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Authors mixed, 24 books
Michael Ashley, 8 books
Barbara Cartland, 6 books
Edith Pargeter, 5 books
Nigel G. Tranter, 5 books
John Helfers, 3 books
Matthews, John, 3 books
Peter Tremayne, 3 books
Nigel Tranter, 3 books
Norah Lofts, 2 books
Johnson, Sarah L., 2 books
Daniel Defoe, 2 books
George MacDonald Fraser, 2 books
C. S. Forester, 2 books
Patrick O'Brian, 2 books
Anne Perry, 2 books
Jane Aiken Hodge, 2 books
Anthony Gary Brown, 2 books
Maxim Jakubowski, 2 books
Rafael Sabatini, 2 books
Mike Ashley, 2 books
Robert Muchamore, 2 books
Dean King, 2 books
Penelope Wilcock, 2 books
Howard, Elizabeth Jane., 2 books


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