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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roger Bacon, 8 books
David Hume, 8 books
Alexander Pope, 7 books
John Locke, 7 books
Edwin A. Burtt, 6 books
Emmanuel Leroux, 6 books
Herbert Spencer, 5 books
Sir Francis Bacon, 5 books
Hamilton, William Sir, 5 books
Thomas Hobbes, 4 books
B. A. Haddock, 3 books
William Ritchie Sorley, 3 books
Hywel David Lewis, 3 books
Dugald Stewart, 3 books
John H. Muirhead, 3 books
Henry Longueville Mansel, 3 books
W. R. Sorley, 3 books
John Stuart Mackenzie, 3 books
Cecil Alec Mace, 3 books
James Seth, 3 books
Ernest Albee, 3 books
Andrew Vincent, 3 books
M. P. W. Bolton, 3 books
Arrigo Pacchi, 3 books
George Berkeley, 2 books


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