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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Claude Corbeil, 27 books
Milet Publishing, 22 books
Christangelos Seferiadis, 22 books
Chris L. Demarest, 16 books
Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, 15 books
Jean-Claude Corbeil, 14 books
Angela Wilkes, 12 books
DK Publishing, 12 books
Dorling Kindersley, Inc, 12 books
Marlene Goodman, 9 books
Richard Scarry, 9 books
Katy R. Kudela, 9 books
n/a, 8 books
E. C. Parnwell, 8 books
Charles M. Schulz, 8 books
Sedat Turhan, 7 books
Sally Hagin, 7 books
Norma Shapiro, 6 books
Rebecca Emberley, 6 books
Cong Pang, 6 books
Marion Monroe, 5 books
Christine Arthur, 5 books
S. Alan Cohen, 5 books
Steven J. Molinsky, 5 books
Jean-Claude Corbeil, 5 books


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