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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David T. Suzuki, 6 books
Richard J. Cannings, 4 books
Sydney G. Cannings, 4 books
Eric Dinerstein, 4 books
IUCN, 4 books
Michael Shellenberger, 4 books
Ted Nordhaus, 4 books
Phillip Namanworth, 3 books
Andrew Simms, 3 books
Julia Hill, 3 books
Terry L. Anderson, 3 books
Colby J. Loucks, 3 books
Ben Goldstein, 3 books
Loren Wilkinson, 3 books
Caroline Lucas, 2 books
Robert Nash, 2 books
Stephen Tinsley, 2 books
Ray E. Ashton, 2 books
Patrick Hurley, 2 books
Allan Savory, 2 books
John Hart, 2 books
Janice Bell, 2 books
Shahid Ansari, 2 books
Thomas Klammer, 2 books
Judy Corbett, 2 books


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