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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Federico Zeri, 11 books
Marco Dolcetta, 8 books
Gilles Neret, 5 books
Ingo F. Walther, 5 books
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, 5 books
Alexandra Bonfante-Warren, 4 books
John Oliver Hand, 4 books
Henry Moore, 4 books
Rainer Metzger, 4 books
Edvard Munch, 4 books
Richard R. Brettell, 4 books
Malcolm Warner, 4 books
Alan Bowness, 4 books
Robert Descharnes, 4 books
Boyle, David, 3 books
Jeroen Giltaij, 3 books
Ulrich Bischoff, 3 books
Richard Kendall, 3 books
Rosenblum, Robert., 3 books
Sandra Forty, 3 books
Anne Salmond, 3 books
Gustav Klimt, 3 books
Paul Cézanne, 3 books
Mimi Cazort, 3 books
Norman Rosenthal, 3 books


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