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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gardner, Robert, 108 books
Janice Pratt VanCleave, 59 books
Neil Ardley, 37 books
Shar Levine, 33 books
Andrew Haslam, 29 books
Sandra Markle, 29 books
Vicki Cobb, 28 books
John Farndon, 24 books
Michael Faraday, 23 books
Robert Gardner, 23 books
Elaine Pascoe, 22 books
Taylor, Barbara, 21 books
Pam Walker, 20 books
Francis Bacon, 19 books
Terry Jennings, 19 books
Steve Parker, 19 books
Yuezhu Xu, 19 books
Chong-hyŏn Hong, 19 books
DavidGlover, 18 books
Bernie Zubrowski, 18 books
Seymour Simon, 17 books
Robin Kerrod, 17 books
Darlene Lauw, 17 books
Martin J. Gutnik, 17 books
Ward, Alan, 16 books


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