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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jules Verne, 22 books
Kristin Petrie, 21 books
Washington Irving, 19 books
Educational Research Council of America. Social Science Staff., 16 books
James Cook, 16 books
Ronald Syme, 15 books
Rebecca Stefoff, 13 books
Christopher Columbus, 11 books
Trish Kline, 10 books
Roland Huntford, 10 books
Neil Grant, 10 books
Meriwether Lewis, 10 books
Henry M. Stanley, 9 books
Edward Parry, 9 books
Andrew Kippis, 9 books
R. Conrad Stein, 8 books
Hal Marcovitz, 8 books
Winfred Blevins, 8 books
Rose Blue, 8 books
John Keay, 8 books
William Jay Jacobs, 8 books
Richard Humble, 8 books
Livingstone, David, 8 books
Robin S. Doak, 7 books
Jim Whiting, 7 books


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