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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jay Haley, 13 books
Salvador Minuchin, 13 books
Jay Haley, 12 books
Monica McGoldrick, 10 books
Michael P. Nichols, 9 books
Virginia Satir, 9 books
Luciano L'Abate, 8 books
James C. Hansen, 8 books
Charles R. Figley, 6 books
Maurizio Andolfi, 6 books
Froma Walsh, 6 books
Nathan Ward Ackerman, 6 books
Joan D. Atwood, 6 books
Ira D. Glick, 5 books
Bert Hellinger, 5 books
Rudi Dallos, 5 books
Peter Titelman, 5 books
Florence Whiteman Kaslow, 5 books
Susan H. McDaniel, 5 books
Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, 4 books
Gerald H. Zuk, 4 books
Don D. Jackson, 4 books
Patricia Minuchin, 4 books
Barbara F. Okun, 4 books
Samuel T. Gladding, 4 books


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