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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Boris Vallejo, 11 books
Suckling, Nigel., 11 books
Julie Bell, 7 books
Frank Frazetta, 5 books
Steve Sims, 5 books
Arnie Fenner, 4 books
Chris Achilleos, 3 books
John Grant, 3 books
Hart, Christopher., 3 books
Navitrolla, 3 books
Steve Beaumont, 3 books
Cathy Fenner, 3 books
Joachim Rees, 3 books
H. R. Giger, 3 books
Moebius, 3 books
Howe, John, 3 books
Ekkehard Mai, 3 books
Gert Schiff, 2 books
Philippe Roberts-Jones, 2 books
Jane Frank, 2 books
Donald Palumbo, 2 books
Bob Eggleton, 2 books
Josh Kirby, 2 books
Gustave Doré, 2 books
John Howe, 2 books


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