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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elliott, Stephen, 12 books
Calamy, Edmund, 6 books
Elijah Parish, 5 books
Richard Vines, 5 books
Stephen Marshall, 5 books
Simon Patrick, 5 books
Austin, Samuel, 4 books
William Ellery Channing, 3 books
John Foster, 3 books
Cornelius Burges, 3 books
Thomas Coleman, 3 books
Nathaniel Hardy, 3 books
Jeremiah Whittaker, 3 books
Hill, Thomas, 3 books
Goodwin, Thomas, 3 books
Peter Sterry, 3 books
Peabody, Andrew P., 2 books
Clarke, James Freeman, 2 books
Nathanael Emmons, 2 books
Simeon Ashe, 2 books
Benjamin Colman, 2 books
Ebenezer Porter, 2 books
Eliphalet Gillet, 2 books
Jeremy Belknap, 2 books
Samuel L. Crocker, 2 books


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