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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lynne Collins, 19 books
Roberts, 16 books
Richmond., 15 books
Williams, 14 books
Fox, 11 books
Lee, 11 books
Gillian Kaye, 11 books
Virginia Coffman, 10 books
Sonia Deane, 10 books
Julie Ellis, 10 books
Pamela Oldfield, 9 books
Prue Scott, 9 books
Elizabeth Bailey, 9 books
Jane McBride Choate, 8 books
Naomi Horton, 7 books
Kelly, 7 books
Sanders, 7 books
Anderson, 7 books
Dee Wyatt, 7 books
Cheryl Reavis, 7 books
Zane., 7 books
Shirley S. Allen, 6 books
Gardner., 6 books
Tom Smith, 6 books
Kathe Birch, 6 books


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