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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert K. Wilcox, 5 books
Robert L. Shaw, 3 books
Pete Bonanni, 3 books
Richard G. Sheffield, 3 books
Leon Bennett, 2 books
Time-Life Books, 2 books
Tony Holmes, 2 books
Jackson, Robert, 2 books
Norman L. R. Franks, 2 books
Julian Jenkins, 2 books
Rusel DeMaria, 2 books
Jon E. Lewis, 2 books
Mike Spick, 2 books
Howard Bornstein, 2 books
Bill Gunston, 2 books
Morton B. Berman, 1 book
Piet Hein Meijering, 1 book
V. K. Babich, 1 book
Ashley Brown, 1 book
Jim Corrigan, 1 book
West, David, 1 book
Colin D. Heaton, 1 book
Jonathan Reed, 1 book
Price, Alfred., 1 book
Jay Schleifer, 1 book


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