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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 14 books
Deborah Cartmell, 10 books
Herbert R. Coursen, 10 books
Gene D. Phillips, 7 books
Robin Lough, 7 books
John Wyver, 6 books
Alfred Hitchcock, 5 books
John Schlesinger, 4 books
Gregory M. Colón Semenza, 4 books
James Ivory, 4 books
Dianne F. Sadoff, 4 books
John Russell Brown, 4 books
Stephen Frears, 4 books
Imelda Whelehan, 4 books
Gregory Doran, 4 books
George Cukor, 4 books
Daniel Radcliffe, 4 books
David Heyman, 4 books
Francis Ford Coppola, 4 books
A. G. S. Enser, 4 books
Jefferson Hunter, 3 books
Kate Egan, 3 books
Courtney Lehmann, 3 books
Vittorio De Sica, 3 books
John C. Tibbetts, 3 books


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