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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nigel Steel, 5 books
Peter Hart, 5 books
Richard Van Emden, 3 books
Richard Smith, 3 books
Hal Giblin, 3 books
Cathryn Corns, 2 books
Ted Smith, 2 books
Steve Humphries, 2 books
Alan C. Wood, 2 books
Norman Franks, 2 books
John Hughes-Wilson, 2 books
Norman L. R. Franks, 2 books
Russell Guest, 2 books
Stephen Pope, 2 books
Robin Prior, 2 books
Trevor Wilson, 2 books
Elizabeth-Anne Wheal, 2 books
Randal Gray, 1 book
Lorraine Elena Roses, 1 book
Martin Battersby, 1 book
Jane Addams, 1 book
Albert Gerhards, 1 book
Patrick B. Nolan, 1 book
Elmer Schwieder, 1 book
John Riddell, 1 book


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