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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hugh A. Sampson, 6 books
Dean D. Metcalfe, 5 books
Kim Koeller, 5 books
Ronald A. Simon, 5 books
William G. Crook, 5 books
Cybele Pascal, 4 books
Jill Carter, 4 books
Nicolette M. Dumke, 4 books
Carol Rudoff, 4 books
Nancy Appleton, 4 books
James C. Breneman, 3 books
Ruth R. Shattuck, 3 books
Leslie Hammond, 3 books
Richard Mackarness, 3 books
Elizabeth Workman, 3 books
Alice Sherwood, 3 books
Brendan Brazier, 3 books
Robert La France, 3 books
Allergy Information Association, 3 books
Robert Buist, 3 books
Maurice H. Lessof, 3 books
James Braly, 3 books
Jonathan Brostoff, 3 books
June Roth, 2 books
Keith Mumby, 2 books


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