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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Suzanne Slesin, 4 books
Xiu Li, 4 books
Urs Bitterli, 4 books
Umesao, Tadao, 3 books
Paul S. Ropp, 3 books
Jack Goody, 3 books
Ruth Hayhoe, 3 books
Luis da Camara Cascudo, 3 books
Lydia He Liu, 3 books
Aleksandar Prokopiev, 3 books
Konrad Ehlich, 2 books
Laura Fermi, 2 books
Armin Paul Frank, 2 books
A. L. Kroeber, 2 books
Ralph Linton, 2 books
Jin, Guantao., 2 books
Yves Lequin, 2 books
Im, Chae-hae, 2 books
William W. Fitzhugh, 2 books
Sven A. Kirsten, 2 books
Sayed Mahmudul Hasan, 2 books
Nigel Davies, 2 books
Lovorka Čoralić, 2 books
Margaret Pollock Sherwood, 2 books
Pohl, Walter, 2 books


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