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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry C. Lee, 12 books
Kenneth McIntosh, 10 books
Rebecca Stefoff, 8 books
Max M. Houck, 7 books
Malcolm Rose, 7 books
D. P. Lyle, 6 books
Townsend, John, 6 books
Suzanne Bell, 6 books
David Lewman, 6 books
Leela Burnscott, 6 books
Esther Beck, 5 books
Illinois State Police, 5 books
Pam Walker, 4 books
John R. Vacca, 4 books
Franco Taroni, 4 books
Nicholas Petraco, 4 books
Jay A. Siegel, 4 books
Richard Saferstein, 4 books
Alane Ferguson, 4 books
Vivien Bowers, 4 books
Jodi Picoult, 4 books
Alex Woolf, 3 books
Peggy J. Parks, 3 books
Ron Fridell, 3 books
Katherine M. Ramsland, 3 books


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