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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Harold Haynes, 8 books
Bruce Jones, 5 books
Jon Nicholson, 4 books
Roger Smith, 3 books
Xavier Chimits, 3 books
Jones, Bruce, 3 books
Daniele Amaduzzi, 2 books
Sarah L. Schuette, 2 books
Janet Piehl, 2 books
Piero Casucci, 2 books
Gerald Donaldson, 2 books
Paul Mason, 2 books
Damon Hill, 2 books
Mark Hughes, 2 books
Damon Hill, 2 books
Morrison, Ian, 2 books
Johnny Rives, 1 book
Louise Goodman, 1 book
Scott Robinson, 1 book
Philippe Hazan, 1 book
A. R. Schaefer, 1 book
Adrianna Morganelli, 1 book
Christian Courtel, 1 book
Pierre Ménard, 1 book
Lemyr Martins, 1 book


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