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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kathleen Duey, 9 books
Oscar Wilde, 8 books
Emily Brontë, 8 books
George Eliot, 7 books
J. Scott Savage, 6 books
Henry Fielding, 6 books
D. M. Cornish, 5 books
M. L. Stedman, 5 books
Sheila Turnage, 4 books
Dorothy Cannell, 4 books
Anna Quindlen, 4 books
Ray Bradbury, 3 books
Cara Black, 3 books
Marthe Jocelyn, 3 books
L. Nepveur, 3 books
Beverly Lewis, 3 books
Jamila Gavin, 2 books
Rita Murphy, 2 books
N. E. Bode, 2 books
Osborne, John, 2 books
Barbara Hannay, 2 books
Paul Fleischman, 2 books
Bruce Coville, 2 books
Mary Elizabeth Braddon, 2 books
Volker Hunecke, 2 books


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