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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leonard Stern, 7 books
A. G. Smith, 7 books
Roger Price, 7 books
Smith, 4 books
John Cassidy, 3 books
Michael Ouchi, 3 books
Shar Levine, 3 books
Hallie Warshaw, 2 books
David Stein, 2 books
Evan Kimble, 2 books
Ivan Bulloch, 2 books
Megan Montague Cash, 2 books
Sarah Hughes, 2 books
Sally Johnson, 2 books
Linda Shore, 2 books
Pearl Tesler, 2 books
Lael Kimble, 2 books
JULIE R. MAUER, 2 books
Eduardo Ruiz, 2 books
Pat Murphy, 2 books
Diane James, 2 books
Ellen Klages, 2 books
Stewart., 1 book
Jo Brewer, 1 book


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