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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Francesco Petrarca, 40 books
Mayer, Hans, 23 books
Arnold, Heinz Ludwig, 22 books
Jost Hermand, 20 books
Marcel Reich-Ranicki, 18 books
Benno von Wiese, 16 books
György Lukács, 16 books
Kuno Francke, 15 books
Paul Raabe, 15 books
Walther Killy, 14 books
Fritz Martini, 12 books
Walter Delabar, 12 books
Hermann Hesse, 12 books
Helmut de Boor, 11 books
Walter Muschg, 11 books
Bartels, Adolf, 11 books
Helmut Kreuzer, 11 books
Erhard H. Schütz, 11 books
Robertson, John George, 10 books
Stammler, Wolfgang, 10 books
Franz Mehring, 10 books
Norbert Honsza, 10 books
Hermann Hettner, 10 books
Peter Sprengel, 10 books
Walter Haug, 10 books


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