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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dale Chihuly, 20 books
Rosa Barovier Mentasti, 11 books
Tina Oldknow, 5 books
Helmut Ricke, 5 books
William Warmus, 4 books
Attilia Dorigato, 4 books
Sylva Petrová, 4 books
Susanne K. Frantz, 4 books
Doreen Ehrlich, 3 books
Marina Barovier, 3 books
Reino Liefkes, 3 books
Dan Klein, 2 books
Donald B. Kuspit, 2 books
Oiva Toikka, 2 books
Karen S. Chambers, 2 books
Marino Barovier, 2 books
Thomas S. Buechner, 2 books
Paned Expressions Studios, 2 books
Hartman's Glass Art, 2 books
Torsten Bröhan, 2 books
Andrew Moor, 2 books
Yuan Kang, 2 books
Josef Albers, 2 books
Reinhard Haller, 2 books
Richard Parker La Londe, 2 books


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