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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ruth Solski, 3 books
Bruce Koscielniak, 3 books
Julia Spencer Moutran, 3 books
Susan Blackaby, 2 books
Margaret McNamara, 2 books
Steven Kroll, 2 books
Barbara Birenbaum, 2 books
Betsy Lewin, 2 books
Miller, Pat, 1 book
Peter J. Welling, 1 book
Lynn Peppas, 1 book
Susanna Leonard Hill, 1 book
Don Freeman, 1 book
David Biedrzycki, 1 book
John Hamberger, 1 book
Judy Cox, 1 book
Gail Gibbons, 1 book
Kate McMullan, 1 book
Susan Korman, 1 book
Abby Levine, 1 book
Amy Margaret, 1 book
Joan Holub, 1 book
Karen Gray Ruelle, 1 book
Bethany Roberts, 1 book
Iris Hiskey, 1 book


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