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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Georges Blond, 5 books
Eric Walters, 4 books
J. L. Granatstein, 4 books
Bill McAndrew, 3 books
David S. Wyman, 2 books
Fraser McKee, 2 books
Shelford Bidwell, 2 books
Janette Oke, 2 books
Carol Matas, 2 books
Winston S. Churchill, 2 books
John Lukacs, 2 books
Randall Hansen, 2 books
James MacGregor Burns, 2 books
William L. Shirer, 2 books
Ben Wicks, 2 books
Iain Lawrence, 2 books
Michael Ondaatje, 2 books
Martha Attema, 2 books
Keith Wheeler, 2 books
John Willard Toland, 2 books
Dorothy Joan Harris, 2 books
Cornelius Ryan, 2 books
W. A. B. Douglas, 2 books
Jack Fitzgerald, 2 books
Pierre Milza, 2 books


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