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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donna L. Woo, 18 books
Susie VanHuss, 16 books
Connie M. Forde, 11 books
Connie Forde, 11 books
R. David Weber, 9 books
Greenwood, 8 books
James S. Duncan, 7 books
Gail Ann Schlachter, 6 books
James P. Honan, 6 books
Robert Leider, 5 books
Krailing, Tessa, 5 books
Anna Leider, 5 books
Brian K. Williams, 4 books
John N. Gardner, 4 books
John Bear, 4 books
Peterson, 4 books
Carl M. Wahlstrom, 4 books
Susie Van Huss, 4 books
Donna Woo, 4 books
A. Jerome Jewler, 4 books
Bob Reinalda, 3 books
Charles T. Straughn, 3 books
Gail A. Schlachter, 3 books
Altbach, Philip G., 3 books
Philip G. Altbach, 3 books


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