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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Patricia Veryan, 15 books
Cassie Edwards, 14 books
Edith Layton, 5 books
Valentina Luellen, 4 books
Sylvie Sommerfield, 4 books
Jude Deveraux, 4 books
Bobbi Smith, 4 books
Maura Seger, 3 books
Evelyn Rogers, 3 books
Karen Cogan, 3 books
Catherine Archer, 3 books
Ann Hulme, 3 books
Flora Speer, 3 books
Hannah Howell, 3 books
Juliana Garnett, 3 books
Hazel Smith, 2 books
Stobie Piel, 2 books
Connie Brockway, 2 books
Julia London, 2 books
Jill Marie Landis, 2 books
Veronica Sattler, 2 books
Anita Mills, 2 books
Barbara Ferry Johnson, 2 books
Stella Cameron, 2 books
Elaine Coffman, 2 books


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