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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bernarr Rainbow, 14 books
John S. Farmer, 4 books
Jay Scott, 3 books
Carol MacClintock, 3 books
Martin Roach, 3 books
Publications Billboards, 3 books
Billboards International, 3 books
Ray Allen, 2 books
James Miller, 2 books
Rust, Brian, 2 books
Milo Arlington Wold, 2 books
John Hullah, 2 books
Stephen Colegrave, 2 books
Harold Gleason, 2 books
Stuart Nixon, 2 books
Legs McNeil, 2 books
Barry Miles, 2 books
Chris Sullivan, 2 books
Rachel Brown, 2 books
Nigel Cawthorne, 2 books
Frederick Noad, 2 books
Neville Marten, 2 books
Gillian McCain, 2 books
John W. Scott, 2 books
Michele Wood, 2 books


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