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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lynne Cooke, 7 books
Rosenblum, Robert., 6 books
Glenn Lowry, 6 books
David Sylvester, 6 books
Richard Serra, 5 books
Hockney, David., 5 books
Wieland Schmied, 5 books
Arthur Coleman Danto, 5 books
Joseph Beuys, 5 books
Richard Shiff, 5 books
Eckhard Schneider, 5 books
Karen Wilkin, 4 books
Arthur C. Danto, 4 books
Mel Gooding, 4 books
Benjamin Buchloh, 4 books
Edelbert Kob, 4 books
Robert Storr, 4 books
Giorgio Verzotti, 4 books
John Baldessari, 4 books
Jean Fisher, 3 books
Henry Moore, 3 books
Kirk Varnedoe, 3 books
Louise Bourgeois, 3 books
Tony Oursler, 3 books
Anne Rorimer, 3 books


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