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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vang, Pobzeb., 4 books
Anne Fadiman, 3 books
Dia Cha, 2 books
Mark Edward Pfeifer, 2 books
Christopher Valen, 2 books
Sucheng Chan, 2 books
Bill Meredith, 1 book
Sue Murphy Mote, 1 book
Elizabeth Lane, 1 book
Annette Lynch, 1 book
Kate Gadbow, 1 book
Susan Omoto, 1 book
Cathleen Jo Faruque, 1 book
Nichol Bryan, 1 book
Yoosun Park, 1 book
Monica Chiu, 1 book
Jackie Brown, 1 book
Mel Morgenbesser, 1 book
Elmira K. Beyer, 1 book
Jo Ann Koltyk, 1 book
Patrick Jones, 1 book
Enrique T. Trueba, 1 book
Donald F. Hones, 1 book
Ines M. Miyares, 1 book
Peter Roop, 1 book


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