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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph H. Pleck, 3 books
Mark C. Carnes, 2 books
Allan Pease, 2 books
Marc Feigen Fasteau, 2 books
Betty Roszak, 2 books
Susan Forward, 2 books
Sam Keen, 2 books
Timothy Beneke, 2 books
Jed Diamond, 2 books
Shere Hite, 2 books
Daniel J. Levinson, 2 books
Marie Drolet, 2 books
Barbara J. Todd, 2 books
Charles E. Oxnard, 1 book
Richard C. Robertiello, 1 book
Cheryl Brown Travis, 1 book
Donald H. Bell, 1 book
Anthony Astrachan, 1 book
Jean Rostand, 1 book
Diagram Group., 1 book
Arnold E. Andersen, 1 book
Herbert S. Parnes, 1 book
Baker, Michael, 1 book
Ian Brown, 1 book
Marie Drolet, 1 book


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