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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carol Higgins Clark, 3 books
Carl Hiaasen, 3 books
Katharine D. Dyson, 3 books
Tate Hallaway, 2 books
Diane Warner, 2 books
Carola Dunn, 2 books
Linda E. Smeins, 2 books
Richard A. Bulcroft, 2 books
Julian Marias, 2 books
Kris Bulcroft, 2 books
P. N. Elrod, 2 books
Patricia C. Wrede, 2 books
Catherine Steadman, 2 books
Elizabeth Harryman, 1 book
DiAnn Mills, 1 book
Colleen Coble, 1 book
Susan S. James, 1 book
Swan Adamson, 1 book
Susan Holtzer, 1 book
Justin Haythe, 1 book
Marcia Powell, 1 book
Brackett, Charles, 1 book
Connie Shelton, 1 book
Ian McEwan, 1 book
Smith, Richard, 1 book


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