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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Georges Rouault, 4 books
Djamel Tatah, 3 books
Pierre Daix, 2 books
George Michell, 2 books
Colleen Carroll, 2 books
Michael Squire, 2 books
Antonio Mancini, 2 books
Pablo Picasso, 2 books
Biennale di Venezia (46th 1995), 2 books
Wenxi Liu, 2 books
Izabela Kowalczyk, 2 books
Qi Zhao, 2 books
Catherine Lampert, 2 books
Terry Friedman, 1 book
Rudolf Drux, 1 book
Brigitte Reinhardt, 1 book
Steve Barr, 1 book
J. Seward Johnson, 1 book
Anton Pieck, 1 book
Hubert Aratym, 1 book
Rosmarie Beier, 1 book
Georg Merkel, 1 book
Ute Eskildsen, 1 book
Martin Schulz, 1 book
Margarete Bieber, 1 book


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