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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Darwin, 11 books
Howard, Albert Sir, 5 books
Fred Magdoff, 4 books
M. Schnitzer, 3 books
D. S. Orlov, 3 books
Egil T. Gjessing, 2 books
Shahamat U. Khan, 2 books
Fritz Scheffer, 2 books
Schneider, Karl, 2 books
Eldor A. Paul, 2 books
Keith H. Paustian, 2 books
E. T. Elliott, 2 books
C. Vernon Cole, 2 books
Ray R Weil, 2 books
M. H. B. Hayes, 2 books
J. I. Rodale, 2 books
Frank T. Shutt, 2 books
Māris Kl̦avin̦š, 2 books
I. B. Hedin, 2 books
J. Szegi, 1 book
Turski, Ryszard doc. dr hab., 1 book
I. B. Archegova, 1 book
Boris Maksimovich Klenov, 1 book
R. Palme Dutt, 1 book
Kyōichi Kumada, 1 book


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