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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Maurice Sendak, 7 books
Sarah L. Thomson, 2 books
Norton Juster, 2 books
Uri Shulevitz, 2 books
Anthony Browne, 2 books
Margarita Robleda Moguel, 2 books
Williams, Leslie, 1 book
Aaron Reynolds, 1 book
Andy Griffiths, 1 book
Jill Kalz, 1 book
Emily Gravett, 1 book
Beth Robbins, 1 book
Jan Wahl, 1 book
John Burningham, 1 book
Carme Solé Vendrell, 1 book
Leslie Williams, 1 book
Rigoberto González, 1 book
Arthur Dorros, 1 book
Peter Sis, 1 book
Peter Sís, 1 book
Stephanie Blake, 1 book
Todd Parr, 1 book
Tedd Arnold, 1 book
Patricia Gomez, 1 book
Alison McGhee, 1 book


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