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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bill Jordan, 3 books
Franck Duvell, 3 books
Howard Adelman, 2 books
Paul Wagner, 2 books
Plant, Raymond., 2 books
David L. Wilson, 2 books
Rubén G. Rumbaut , 2 books
Allan Borowski, 2 books
Meyer Burstein, 2 books
T. M. Devine, 2 books
Miller/Wagner, 2 books
Jane Guskin, 2 books
Louise Ackers, 2 books
Alejandro Portes, 2 books
James Tyler Kent, 2 books
Kerby A. Miller, 2 books
Thomas H. Kreneck, 1 book
Peter Dwyer, 1 book
Albrecht Glitz, 1 book
Eskil Wadensjö, 1 book
Al-Amin Abu-Manga, 1 book
William Shaw, 1 book
Ian Davies, 1 book
Mark J. Miller, 1 book
H. B. Entzinger, 1 book


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