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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David M. Haugen, 3 books
Susan Musser, 3 books
Iris Teichmann, 2 books
Richard A. Bowen, 2 books
Leonard Wibberley, 2 books
Robert Emmet Long, 2 books
Lewis K. Parker, 2 books
Jean-Paul Gourévitch, 2 books
Muriel Stanek, 2 books
Kurt Wagner, 1 book
David S. Wyman, 1 book
Allan O. Kownslar, 1 book
Debbie M. Schell, 1 book
Gillian Houghton, 1 book
Debra A. Miller, 1 book
Ilona M. Bray, 1 book
Janey Levy, 1 book
Roger E. Hernández, 1 book
Li Keng Wong, 1 book
Reyna Grande, 1 book
Axel Dreher, 1 book
Erika Lee, 1 book
Ethel Wood, 1 book
Richard Schell, 1 book
Ramon Carrion, 1 book


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