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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Võ, Nguyên Giáp, 13 books
Alain Ruscio, 7 books
Georges Fleury, 7 books
Erwan Bergot, 5 books
Nguyên Giáp Võ, 5 books
Michel Bodin, 5 books
Raymond Muelle, 4 books
Graham Greene, 4 books
Roger Delpey, 4 books
Philippe Devillers, 3 books
Siêu Hải., 3 books
Hélie de Saint Marc, 3 books
Nguyên Hùng, 3 books
René Bail, 3 books
Henri de Brancion, 3 books
Bá Kỳ Phan, 3 books
Jean Sassi, 3 books
Huy Dương Phạm, 3 books
Jacques Dalloz, 3 books
Melanie Billings-Yun, 2 books
Roger Trinquier, 2 books
Pierre Ferrari, 2 books
Michel Grintchenko, 2 books
Jean-Pierre Bernier, 2 books
Fredrik Logevall, 2 books


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