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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
American Management Association., 68 books
Peter F. Drucker, 30 books
Robert Rogers Blake, 16 books
Michael A. Hitt, 13 books
William G. Nickels, 13 books
Jay B. Barney, 13 books
Horst Albach, 12 books
Heller, Robert, 11 books
Germany, 11 books
V. V. Titov, 10 books
David Granick, 9 books
Lyndall F. Urwick, 9 books
Ulrich, Hans, 9 books
Paige Baltzan, 9 books
Courtland L. Bovée, 9 books
Thomas J. Peters, 9 books
Alfred D. Chandler Jr., 8 books
Ronald J. Ebert, 8 books
Eduard Gaugler, 8 books
Douglas A. Lind, 8 books
Michael T. Matteson, 7 books
Itami, Hiroyuki, 7 books
John M. Ivancevich, 7 books
Fred L. Fry, 7 books
Harold Koontz, 7 books


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