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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul A. Doyle, 4 books
Robin Skelton, 4 books
Robert Goode Hogan, 4 books
Warner, Alan, 3 books
Frank L. Kersnowski, 3 books
James M. Cahalan, 3 books
W. J. McCormack, 3 books
Desmond E S. Maxwell, 3 books
E. H. Mikhail, 3 books
Welch, Robert, 3 books
Heinz Kosok, 3 books
Masaru Sekine, 3 books
P. P. Howe, 2 books
L. A. G. Strong, 2 books
Carla Huppertsberg, 2 books
Eileen A. Sullivan, 2 books
Frances-Jane French, 2 books
Patrick Rafroidi, 2 books
Cronin, John, 2 books
Thomas Rice Henn, 2 books
Robert O'Driscoll, 2 books
James D. Brophy, 2 books
Darcy O'Brien, 2 books
Terence Brown, 2 books
A. Norman Jeffares, 2 books


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