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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Yerkow, 5 books
Rigan Machado, 4 books
Harrie Irving Hancock, 4 books
Bruce Tegner, 3 books
Eric Dominy, 3 books
Kid Peligro, 3 books
Anthony Patrick Harrington, 3 books
Rodrigo Gracie, 2 books
Erich Krauss, 2 books
H. Irving Hancock, 2 books
Royler Gracie, 2 books
Anton Geesink, 2 books
Hubert Klinger-Klingerstorff, 2 books
Dewey Mitchell, 2 books
Frederick P. Lowell, 2 books
Eddie Bravo, 2 books
Renzo Gracie, 2 books
Gerson Sanginitto, 2 books
Michael DePasquale, 2 books
Harry H. Skinner, 2 books
Sarah Dzida, 2 books
D'Arcy Rahming, 2 books
Palumbo, Dennis, 2 books
Wally Jay, 1 book
David Meyer, 1 book


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