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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert W. Schrier, 12 books
Christopher S. Wilcox, 8 books
Barry M. Brenner, 7 books
Shaul G. Massry, 7 books
Robson Roose, 6 books
Saulo Klahr, 5 books
William E. Mitch, 5 books
Carl Erik Mogensen, 4 books
Saundby, Robert, 4 books
Jean-Pierre Grunfeld, 4 books
Hugh R. Brady, 4 books
Jacob Churg, 4 books
Anil K. Mandal, 3 books
E. Lovell Becker, 3 books
Richard J. Glassock, 3 books
A. Sessa, 3 books
William Oh, 3 books
Roger Gabriel, 3 books
Robert Reilly, 2 books
Donald E. Hricik, 2 books
Lionel S. Beale, 2 books
Morris, Henry Sir, 2 books
W. R. Basham, 2 books
William Prout, 2 books
Dennis J. Chew, 2 books


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