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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Augustine of Hippo, 36 books
E. Stanley Jones, 7 books
Leo Tolstoy, 6 books
James Carmichael, 6 books
Philip Mauro, 5 books
Richard Whately, 4 books
Albert Schweitzer, 4 books
Bright, John, 4 books
Bruce Chilton, 4 books
J. Litch, 4 books
John Timmer, 3 books
Martin Buber, 3 books
John Eckhardt, 3 books
Pannenberg, Wolfhart, 3 books
H. Richard Niebuhr, 3 books
George Eldon Ladd, 3 books
Howard A. Snyder, 3 books
Poul F. Guttesen, 3 books
Emilio Castro, 3 books
Richard H. Hiers, 2 books
Weiss, Johannes, 2 books
Charles Williams, 2 books
Alexander McLeish, 2 books
Leonhard Ragaz, 2 books
Pier Franco Beatrice, 2 books


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