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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Horace, 45 books
Juvenal., 37 books
Juvenal, 22 books
Persius., 21 books
Aulus Persius Flaccus, 8 books
Susanna Morton Braund, 4 books
Aulus Flaccus Persius, 3 books
Ettore Paratore, 3 books
Henderson, John, 2 books
Eduard Fraenkel, 2 books
Niall Rudd, 2 books
Jan-Wilhelm Beck, 2 books
Arthur John Macleane, 2 books
Tomasz Sapota, 2 books
Kirk Freudenburg, 2 books
Armstrong, David, 1 book
Alfred Noyes, 1 book
Luci Berkowitz, 1 book
Ulrich Knoche, 1 book
Kenneth J. Reckford, 1 book
Martin M. Winkler, 1 book
Dante Nardo, 1 book
W. C. Helmbold, 1 book
Uwe Reinelt, 1 book
William Kupersmith, 1 book


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