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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Garrett Birkhoff, 6 books
Bernhard Ganter, 4 books
Ralph S. Freese, 4 books
Rudolf Wille, 3 books
Peter Orlik, 3 books
Klaus W. Roggenkamp, 3 books
A. J. Pertsin, 2 books
Roy Dubisch, 2 books
D. E. Rutherford, 2 books
Irving Kaplansky, 2 books
Shmuel Zaks, 2 books
Hans Hermes, 2 books
Dana S. Scott, 2 books
B. Z. Vulikh, 2 books
Marc Barbut, 2 books
Thomas Donnellan, 2 books
Kenneth M. Kapp, 2 books
Lillian Rosanoff Lieber, 2 books
Gábor Szász, 2 books
George A. Gratzer, 2 books
Jaan Oitmaa, 2 books
Jacques Martinet, 2 books
F. Wehrung, 2 books
A.A. Samarskij, 2 books
E.S. Nikolaev, 2 books


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