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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ernest Thompson Seton, 6 books
E. V. Lucas, 4 books
Saunders, Marshall, 4 books
Thomas C. Hinkle, 3 books
Albert Payson Terhune, 3 books
Margaret Wise Brown, 3 books
Rudyard Kipling, 3 books
Evans, Hubert, 2 books
Helen Garrett, 2 books
Marguerite Henry, 2 books
Helen Hoke, 2 books
John Brown, 2 books
Phyllis R. Fenner, 2 books
Gertrude Robinson, 2 books
Mary Daniels, 2 books
Harry Goodridge, 2 books
Tomi Ungerer, 2 books
Ollivant, Alfred, 2 books
Anna Sewell, 2 books
Roberts, Charles G. D. Sir, 2 books
Thomas Bingley, 2 books
Ouida, 2 books
Maurice Genevoix, 2 books
Andy Russell, 2 books
Eleanor Tyrrell, 2 books


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