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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Victoria Pybus, 11 books
John Howell, 6 books
Rachael Robinson, 4 books
David Woodworth, 3 books
Vacation Work Publications, 3 books
Greg Adams, 3 books
Sue Tyson-Ward, 3 books
Thomas M. Camden, 3 books
Jim Watson, 2 books
Elisabeth Roberts, 2 books
Peter Reynolds, 2 books
Andre de Vries, 2 books
Suzanne King, 2 books
Philip Bryce, 2 books
Nick Daws, 2 books
Ian Collier, 2 books
David Roberts , 2 books
Adam Lechmere, 2 books
Susan Catto, 2 books
Joshua White, 2 books
Huw Francis, 2 books
Susan Griffith, 2 books
Jonathan Palmer, 2 books
Godfrey Golzen, 2 books
Christian Sarramon, 1 book


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