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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yuguang Fu, 6 books
Giovanni Stary, 6 books
Xiaomeng Liu, 4 books
Zhonghan Wang, 3 books
Jie Zhang, 3 books
Martin Gimm, 3 books
Franz H. Michael, 2 books
Michael Weiers, 2 books
Stephen R. Platt, 2 books
Honggang Wang, 2 books
Minzhong Yu, 2 books
Pamela Kyle Crossley, 2 books
Yingren Fu, 2 books
Chongnian Yan, 2 books
Lizhong Zhang, 2 books
Qicong Jin, 2 books
Xiaoqiong Zhang, 2 books
Herbert Allen Giles, 1 book
Ryūzō Torii, 1 book
Meng, Sen, 1 book
Bai, Yun., 1 book
Guang You, 1 book
Zhang, Jiasheng., 1 book
Xie, Guozhen, 1 book
Inaba, Iwakichi, 1 book


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