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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Akira Toriyama, 25 books
Rumiko Takahashi, 12 books
Bruce Lee, 8 books
Jose M. Fraguas, 7 books
Chuck Norris, 6 books
Peter A. Laird, 5 books
Donohue, John J., 4 books
Kevin B. Eastman, 4 books
Zhenguang Luo, 4 books
Greglon Lee, 3 books
Stevens, John, 3 books
Sam Sheridan, 3 books
Randy Couture, 3 books
Hamilton, John, 3 books
Masutatsu Ōyama, 3 books
Tom Bleecker, 3 books
Taky Kimura, 3 books
Zhun Ye, 3 books
Joe Hyams, 3 books
Kisshōmaru Ueshiba, 2 books
Christopher M. Clarke, 2 books
Lori Foster, 2 books
Eliza Willard, 2 books
Judal., 2 books
Kid Peligro, 2 books


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