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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ren Long, 8 books
Long Gu, 7 books
Donohue, John J., 4 books
Wolongsheng, 3 books
Yong Jin, 3 books
Weihan Shi, 3 books
B. B. Hiller, 3 books
Akira Toriyama, 2 books
John Donohue, 2 books
Eric Van Lustbader, 2 books
John Donohue, 2 books
Rui'an Wen, 2 books
Tracey West, 2 books
Vũ Thanh, 2 books
Liang, Yusheng., 1 book
Dawn Barnes, 1 book
Kelley Armstrong, 1 book
Joe R. Lansdale, 1 book
Oscar Ratti, 1 book
Erika Krouse, 1 book
Todd Babiak, 1 book
Kylie Chan, 1 book
Jenn Reese, 1 book
Steve Perry, 1 book
John Christopher Hamm, 1 book


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