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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
SAS Institute, 92 books
Murray R. Spiegel, 11 books
Yadolah Dodge, 9 books
Brian Everitt, 9 books
Cox, D. R., 9 books
David S. Moore, 8 books
William Mendenhall, 8 books
Charles Henry Brase, 8 books
V. V. Nalimov, 8 books
Samuel Kotz, 8 books
Rao, C. Radhakrishna, 8 books
Frederick Mosteller, 7 books
Lucien M. Le Cam, 7 books
D. A. S. Fraser, 7 books
Roxy Peck, 7 books
Maurice G. Kendall, 6 books
N. A. Rahman, 6 books
Jay L. Devore, 6 books
N. Balakrishnan, 6 books
John Wilder Tukey, 6 books
Ann Lehman, 6 books
Martha Zelinka, 6 books
Anders Hald, 6 books
Anderson, T. W., 6 books
William Cyrus Navidi, 6 books


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